When did Halloween become a week-long celebration?

By my count, my kids have been dressed up at four events so far, and Halloween is still a day away. I hate to start sounding like Grumpy Old Man, but geez. This is nuts.

4 responses to “When did Halloween become a week-long celebration?”

  1. Was one of those “Boo at the Zoo?” Cause if it wasn't, if you denied your children the pleasure of dressing up and walking around the zoo in their costumes along with EVERYONE ELSE IN ILLINOIS IT SOMETIMES SEEMED LIKE, then you really missed out.

  2. Probably about the same time Christmas became and entire Q4 event… I mean, I saw Christmas stuff up at retailers at the beginning of October. Ridiculous.

  3. Chris – wow, missed that one. We went to the Morton arboretum Friday night (nothing says spooky fun like walking around gardens in the dark when it's cold and rainy!), then our neighborhood parade yesterday, the Halloween Happening in the afternoon, and a friend's Halloween party last night. Crazy.Dave – I'm with you…

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