IE7 Shipping – a comment on the stylesheet

Fred notes that IE7’s default behavior is to ignore a publisher’s XSLT stylesheet (if the publisher has pointed to one, which the vast majority of FeedBurner publishers have done), and he’s not exactly thrilled about this.

While poking around my computer config the other day, I noticed a new setting in “Internet Options” that addresses Fred’s issue (at least, on an end user basis): you can turn this “feature” off. Open Control Panel, click on the “Content” tab and then click the “settings” button next to “Feeds”:

Now uncheck the box next to “turn on feed reading view”.

From now on, feeds with a stylesheet will render as the publisher intended. That doesn’t help the vast majority of publishers whose readers will be using the default install of IE7, but it’s at least an option for power users who want some choice.

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