FeedBurner welcomes USA Today

Very excited to welcome USA Today to the growing list of publishers using FeedBurner to manage their feeds. As the press release makes clear, part of the attraction for the team at USA Today is our newly-announced “Feed Foundry”. From the announcement:

FeedFoundry provides mass feed importing, management and analysis. The service was built for commercial publishers and content providers with large numbers of feeds, potentially across multiple properties. FeedFoundry’s advanced reporting capability allows publishers to group sets of feeds and identify trends, activate services in bulk, maintain performance history and design custom reports, specific to each company’s priorities, using a standard dashboard.

I’ve helped some publishers get started who have more than 200 feeds; adding FeedFoundry to our product mix makes the setup, management and analysis a simple process that’s far more powerful for larger publishers. Initial feedback has been great — kudos to our design and development teams for cranking out another market leading app.

As always, if you’re one of those publishers who fits the above description, call us and dive in! The water’s warm.

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  1. Congrats on a great deal with USA Today. FeedFoundary looks like the perfect tool for those with tons of feeds to manage. Just one more tool that is making the line in the sand even deeper between you and the others…wherever they are.

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