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I’m very pleased to announce the Obama blog, the weblog for Senator Barack Obama. Barack is running for U.S. Senate for the seat that Peter Fitzgerald is vacating. You may notice a familiar name attached to some of the posts — I’m working with the campaign to help develop the blog. (Several veterans from the Dean Internet team are also working on this project, which makes it doubly enjoyable.)

For more on Barack’s position on the issues, see here. You should always feel free to contribute of course. And be sure to sign up for e-mail updates — there’s quite a bit of exciting news coming.

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  1. Now That is What I'm talking aboutYesterday, I suggested some changes at the Obama site were foreshadowing some big changes….. Ding Ding Ding Guess who just joined the Obama Party! For one Rick Klau over at ObamaBlog So far, just one message The other news is…

  2. Greeting To All…….. While I'm elated to have Senator Obama lend a voice to the Democractic Party, I feel the Senator would be making a huge mistake for the party by throwing his hat into the 2009 presidential elections. Unless the Senator had the complete support of the Democractic Organization and Senator Hillary Clinton and the road block contenders wannabees like Al Sharpton agreed to fully support Senator Obamas candicy, I believe Senator Obama would only serve to split the ticket and allow a Republican back into the presidency. Mr Obama is quite an intellligent and eloquent speaker and he presents a beacon of light for the Democratic Party. His lack of on the job training is a huge question mark. I feel the Senator needs a broader track record on voting issues before the American Voter can feel comfortable electing Senator Obama to the most powerful position in the world.

  3. barak obama made a critical mistake in attacking the baby boomer generation. he is trying to differentiate himself but unfortunately we want a leader who tries to unify, and not alienate a large and influential and knowledgeable generation of people. what was he thinking? and, it begs, why? and if he is so short sighted and age descriminatory, do we want him running our country. frankly, even if he had not blurted this little absurdity out, he does not have the experience to tackle running the most influential country in the world. and he is clearly not mature or contemplative enough or he would have not put his big foot in his even bigger mouth as illustrated above. my feeling is this guy needs to drop his over inflated ego and learn some diplomacy before we hand him the reins to anything beyond where he is right now. grow up obama then contact us when you have gained some wisdom and some class and some manners.

  4. I have Republican friends who are circulating an e-mail about Barack being raised a Muslim, being influenced by his step-father who is a radical Muslim. and becoming a christian only to run for office. This e-mail makes it sound like he is trying to hide the fact that he was so involved in the Muslim world as if he is hiding something. How would I respond to this information? I haven't heard much about this before. I personally would think that being a Muslim would give him more insite into the Iraq war situation. Thank You

  5. I am most likely older than most who post,born in the 1930s.Barack Oboma is the first great hope I have followed since FDR.He is honest,has faith and is a family man.Does that not describe the average American I don't relate to Hillary though I am female.Oboma is also obviously very intelligent I don't understand the Time article that says Black America as a whole doesn't support him.Maybe that will change.Obama has my vote, and as a senior, we stick together beyond party lines.

  6. I am a seventy-five year old African American man who has been and continues to be enthralled by the presence of Barack Obama on the American political scene. Since his electrifying speech to the Democratic National Convention in 2004 I have seen Senator Obama as a unifying gift in our severely polarized nation. In August, 2006 River’s Bend Press of Stillwater, Minnesota published my first book, When White is Black, which is a memoir of my own mixed race heritage. In the concluding pages of When White is Black (pages 190-191) I note Senator Obama’s powerful reminder in his 2004 keynote address that we are One America. And Barack Obama, the next President of the United States, is the personal embodiment of that reality—one nation indivisible. John A. Martin, Jr.

  7. Hey: wanted to let you know that we just made these shirts in support of Senator Obama, which we are selling – and making a donation to Obama's campaign in the process. We are just starting out, but we really think the shirts are clever and we hope that you check them out!!!Laura & JoshAudacious

  8. Hi,I maintain the Web site. I'd love to hear feedback on it. Are there any stories or other Obama related material you would like to see?Thanks,Fox Chicago

  9. My father always mistrusted one who failed to look him straight in the eye. Also, he suggested anyone who smurks functions myopically–McCain like Bush enjoys the smurk, believes it gives him power and therefore renders his opponent unworthy. The smurk and the snub are the tools of ignorence, not the tools of human concern. His failure to look Obama in the eye and to smurk at Obama's every word is a tactic which betrays him and shows he is not equal to his opponent. Who can trust a wrinkled smurker?One question, who is our enemy in Iraq, and what do we win, if we win?

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