Blogger dinner in Chicago

Care to join a group of smart, attractive, witty, well-connected bloggers for dinner in Chicago? (I’m not saying those traits apply to all of us. We each get to pick two.)

Details: Wednesday, March 24. So far, confirmed to attend: me, Ernie, Buzz, Jenny, Jim, Dennis, AKMA, and Jeff. I spoke with Buzz today and I think others are coming — but I lost track of the others he named.

So — if you’re going to be in the Chicago area on March 24 and would like to join us (Buzz counted close to 20), use the comments to RSVP. Look forward to seeing you! (We’ll pick a spot soon.)

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  1. Hi Rick, unfortunately, I will be not in Chicago that day. 😉 But would you please be so kind to pass my warmest greetings to the crowd?Best regards and have a nice meeting :-(Rainer

  2. Rick,Thanks for pushing this forward. I've learned that there is a reception, with some food, for TechShow speakers on Wednesday evening – 5:30 to 7:00, I believe. I wanted to suggest that, rather than trying to arrange for reservations for a large, but moving, number of people at a restaurant, we might simply try to take advantage of the large lobby bar area at the Sheraton and just grab some space and have people show up there and hang out. That might be logistically simpler (at least it would be for me) and potentially bring other TechShow speakers and attendees into the mix. Just a thought.Dennis

  3. Dennis – Not sure, since we'll have so many non-TechShow people attending as well. That said, we can probably pick a spot that's close to the Sheraton to make it easier for both groups to meet. Tentatively let's say we'll get a table around 7:45pm, Wednesday night?

  4. My flight doesn't get into Chicago until 8 on Wednesday so I will have to make the after-dinner drinks session. Hopefully, the restaurant you guys choose will be close to the hotel (I have to check in when I arrive etc.)

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