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Boston.com / Hard to pull for Kerry

As long as we’re discussing the Kerry campaign strategy, it will be awfully interesting to see him explain away his own behavior in 1996. From this September column in the Boston Globe:

Kerry didn’t just violate the deal [with opponent Bill Weld to limit campaign spending to $5 million], he pulverized it. Running out of money in the waning days of October, Kerry mortgaged and remortgaged the Louisburg Square house, ultimately pouring $1.7 million in personal funds into his campaign. For those of you keeping track at home, that’s $1.2 million more than the agreement allowed.

As he made a mockery of the pact, he did something else distinctly distasteful. He accused Weld of violating the agreement, a charge that seemed specious at best, an outright lie at worst.

As Kerry makes noise about opting out of public financing this week and calls on Dean to honor a gentleman’s agreement to limit his spending in the primaries to $45m, I would strongly urge Governor Dean to do what Bill Weld should have done 7 years ago: ignore him.

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