Vermont Papers author new book about Howard Dean

Several contributors from Vermont newspapers have collaborated on a new book about Howard Dean, Howard Dean: A Citizen’s Guide to the Man Who Would be President. From the book description at Amazon:

Howard Dean’s startling rise from a virtual unknown on the national stage to a serious, and lately front-runner candidate for president has made everyone want to know more about him. This book, written by a group of insiders familiar with Dean the man and the politician, offers a comprehensive pr cis of his core beliefs, his record as governor of Vermont, and his likely policies on a wide range of concerns from the economy and the environment to hot-button social issues and foreign policy. Graphically organized around key themes, with each chapter written by a different expert, the book explores the Dean campaign’s revolutionary use of the Internet for organizing and fundraising, and his singular success as a passionate critic of the Bush administration on controversial issues like Iraq. Based on archival material and the public record, this “citizen’s guide” also features substantial new reporting and exclusive interviews with Dean.

Worth a look.

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