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Slashdot | The Matrix: Resolutions

Slappy White writes “For six months, Matrix message boards were aflame with speculation, theories, predictions and outright psychotic guessing about Revolutions. Now the film is here, and this article has a humorous roundup of some of the popular theories, both those that were close and others that were, shall we say, a little off the mark.” I still haven’t seen this film, so I’ll refrain from passing judgment, but I’m ever so happy the matrix-within-a-matrix theories were unfounded.

I haven’t seen it either. Ernie is eager for closure and I can’t say I disagree with him; I was more positive on Reloaded than he was, but ultimately I’m eager to put the whole thing to bed.

Ironic, in a way… this site, after all, owes its name to the original film. (tins is an acronym for the pivotal line from Neo’s introduction to the Oracle: “There is no spoon.”)

Maybe I’ll just watch the first one again tonight…

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