It’s official – SEIU and AFSCME on board

I’m watching the stream on MSNBC right now, and it’s an historic moment. SEIU and AFSCME have officially endorsed Howard Dean for President.

Governor Dean asked, “Don’t black and purple and green look great together?” (The respective colors of IUPAT, SEIU and AFSCME.)

Yeah, they sure do. This is a big, big day for the Dean campaign and for all of us who want to see Dean take the White House in 2004.

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  1. Whoa. First! As always, every time I hear Dean speak, I want to get up from my chair, drive to the nearest campaign headquarters, slap Dean stickers all over everything I can find, and start making phone calls and writing letters.This is giving the party establishment FITS. I myself love it, but at some point they're going to have to stop this “debacle for the Dems” rhetoric and get behind the candidate THE PEOPLE want.

  2. This looks like a good site. It is well-maintained. I think that I have seen your name before somewhere…I wanted to copy and paste here a comment that I posted at another blog just earlier today. It concerns an article that I wrote about two months ago about an issue that Dr. Dean could use to his advantage against Bush – something that could help him broaden his base, and increase his chances of winning the Presidency.This is the comment:Recently, Dean mentioned the Confederate flag issue… This may have been an attempt to reach out to a certain part of the electorate, a voter group that Dean is going to need if he is to be successful.Some people have correctly pointed out that Dean is on the right track in his electoral thinking, but may have chosen the wrong issue with which to attempt to reach out to voters.But there is another issue that could be the right one for Dean to use to reach out to the working class voters of middle America – this one would appeal to both white and minority voters. I wrote a column, a 'Memo to Howard Dean,' about two months ago, dealing with this issue, and providing advice from conservatives to Dr. Dean… That memo was written in the style that Jude Wanniski uses, and enclosed within it is an article written by Dr. Scott McConnell in a past issue of The American Conservative, on “How Dean Could Win.”Here is my blog entry from September about that 'Memo to Howard Dean,' and here is a more recent guest blog entry of mine (at another conservative's site) on the same subject, in light of the 'Confederate flag flap.' out which major issue could provide the key for unlocking the door to Dr. Dean's chances of winning the White House.

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