Blogger dinner

Just got back from dinner with Phil Wolff, Jonas Luster and Josh Koenig. Proving that there’s always excitement whenever a few bloggers get together, there was actually an honest-to-goodness homicide just feet from where we ate our dinner. (It was outside the restaurant, not inside.)

Fortunately, our discussion — about blogs, XML, politics (among the four of us are Clark, Dean and Kerry supporters), music — was thoroughly engaging and enlightening (and far less likely to shorten your lifespan than a handgun killing).

Coupled with dinner last night with Mike Masnick, this has been a banner week for meeting people I’ve known for a year or more. Thanks to everyone who took time out to share a meal with me — these are often the highlight of my trips.

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  1. Got some updates on that one. The cops got called on a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, the instigator was gone. They searched the area, when a second call came in. This time he'd locked himself on the balcony with a pair of scissors. There's two things never to do with scissors – run, and lunge at cops. The dude did the second. One shot to the abdomen. He's in critical condition at a SF hospital.

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