Allow me to step out of my Dean partisan shoes for a minute and note two very promising developments in competitive campaigns:

  • John Kerry’s campaign kick-off in Boston attracted 15,000 supporters at Faneuil Hall.

  • John Edwards’s campaign launched their weblog today, which is based on Slash, the open-source software that was originally built to support Slashdot. Based on a quick skim of the site, it looks solid and promises to provide some good lessons for other campaigns.

This presidential campaign is very, very different. We have candidates who are raising more money from more people than ever before (proving that people are interested in politics, and willing to put their money where their mouths are). We have campaigns who are redefining what it means to build grassroots organizations. And at a time when 2/3 of Democrats still can’t name a single candidate in the race, campaigns are turning out tens of thousands people to hear them speak.

Tell me that doesn’t make you excited. If this is what we’ve got with just a 1/3 of the party paying attention, can you imagine what this will be like in three months?

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  1. What we have is new people coming in. We can't wait around for the democrats of past get going. We are developing a new group of leaders.

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