InterAction question from the blogosphere

Former Mintz Levin CIO Ron Friedmann saw our press release announcing InterAction 5.1, and also noticed our announcement of InterAction Contact Verifier. Contact Verifier allows firms to manage the updating of contact data by letting contacts themselves visit a secure website and provide their updated contact information.

Ron asked today at his blog:

It would be nice (and perhaps already possible, I’m not up on all of the technical product specs) to integrate this feature with e-newsletters that law firms regularly broadcast (or perhaps narrowcast is a better description). If each message contained contact data verification at the beginning or end of the substantive news, law firms might find it easier to maintain up-to-date contact information.

Bingo. Contact Verifier will do this out of the box — and provide firms with a powerful way of letting their contacts do the hard work of keeping the contact data accurate.

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