Fundraising update for Q3

The campaign blog notes that we’ve surpassed $13m raised this quarter, and the Washington Post provides an update that notes that Kerry, Lieberman and Edwards will all see declines from their Q2 totals.

This should bring the year to date totals to approximately (Q3 assumptions from PoliticalWire in parentheses):

  • Dean: $25m ($15m)
  • Kerry: $21m ($5m)
  • Edwards: $15.5m ($3.5m)
  • Gephardt: $13.5m ($3.5m)
  • Lieberman: $12m ($4m)

  • Clark: $2.5m ($2.5m)

Assuming this is about right, it will likely mean Howard Dean went from having just $157,000 in the bank in January to having the most money of any candidate (between $10-15m) at his disposal going into a race that’s just showing signs of heating up. That’s a staggering turn of events for a candidate flagged as the longest of long shots just 9 months ago.

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