Another convert

Over at Unfogged, “Ogged” (who is “not a lawyer and does not live in Chicago”) figures out why many of us are attracted to Dean:

I just got my first good look at Howard Dean at the Harkin Steak & Fry broadcast on CSpan. Holy shit. Electric. And two words for why Dean is doing so well: in charge. I’m amazed, now having seen him, that I’ve heard so much about the ultimate weakness of a campaign fueled by anger. That’s not an issue here. Dean comes across as less angry than driven. No doubt he’s tapping into the anger his audience feels, but he doesn’t have anything like McCain’s unpredictability. He remains in control.

And that—control, self-assurance, confidence—is what I think really attracts people to Dean.

Sounds about right. Welcome to the crew, “Ogged.” Whoever you are and wherever you do live, we’re happy to have you with us.

2 responses to “Another convert”

  1. Have I been assimilated?Well, not quite yet. I certainly see the appeal of the man now. But I'd like to hear a bit more from him, and, like a lot of other people, I'd like to see if Wesley Clark jumps in. But I am much closer to jumping on the Dean wagon.

  2. Dean is in control of his campaign, like a pilot is in control of his aircraft. The plane will get buffeted by unseen winds and air pockets, but the pilot makes the appropriate adjustments to stay on course.Dean's control is not tyrannical, but one based upon merit, the reality of where Bush is leading this country (“Disaster” sums it up), and the urgent desire to get this country back on course. Dean inspires because he listens to what We the People are saying and has channeled our anger and frustrations into a mission of hope.

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