Heading to SF

I’m at O’Hare, and will be boarding for San Francisco in a few minutes. Posts will probably be light until the weekend. Feel free to post whatever’s on your mind in the comments; I’ll check in when I can.

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  1. We, that is you code savvy people, need to address this question of voting machines and computer voting machine software before it's too late to implement an honest system. See Wired magazine yesterday, Slashdot yesterday and what Dr. Rebecca Mercuri has to say. This is just the kind of important non-partisan issue that all of these wonderfully mixed new recruits could unite behind right now, akin to registering to vote. There must be supporters in every city and county by now. How about having a Check Your Local Machine System day. Talk about activism, a nuts and bolts review.

  2. I was wondering if you would consider posting the following short, humorous essay.It's actually had some success getting fanatical hockey fans (who are normally apathetic about politics) to support the campaign (along with providing them with a few laughs)In case people have any hockey fans that need convincing, here's “A Hockey Fan’s Guide to Presidential Politics” (or…why hockey fans should drop their gloves and support Howard Dean)Here is Howard Dean's record provided in “puckspeak”:Q: What is Howard Dean’s coaching strategy?A: Roll four lines. Every player brings a particular skill to the team. Therefore, all players should get sufficient ice time, health insurance, union representation, and a living wage. Q: What is Howard Dean’s defensive philosophy?A: Get rid of the neutral-zone trap and forecheckwith three forwards in the offensive zone. The best defense is a good offense. Look for Dean to steal the puck and drive to the net successfully on civil rights, education, and health care. Q: What do Howard Dean and Gordie Howe have in common?A: A pair of sharp elbows and the ability to give and take a few hits. These skills will come in handy when battling chief enforcer/fourth line goon Karl Rove.Q: What penalty would Howard Dean NOT receive aspresident?A: Two minutes for instigating. Although he is solid on defense and will stick up for teammates, Howard Dean will not look for fights.Q: What does a Dean power-play look like?A: Five forwards on the ice at all times. Dean is not your typical poll-driven, focus group-dominated politician. He’s willing to take chances, risk the occasional short-handed goal, and stand up for what he believes in. Just check out his record on civil unions, public transportation, and fiscal management.Q: What do Hartford Whalers fans and Howard Dean have in common?A: They both bleed green! Dean had a top-notchenvironmental record as the governor of Vermont. He is promising to improve fuel-efficiency standards, maintain national park lands, and increase our commitment to alternative sources of energy. Unlike the Whalers, Dean is a winner.Q: What do Howard Dean and Walter Gretzky (Wayne’s dad) have in common?A: Backyard ice hockey rinks. Wouldn’t itbe great to see the Bush T-ball field replaced by an ice rink with a solar-powered Zamboni in 2005?Q: What does Howard Dean have in common with theNew Jersey Devils?A: They are both going to the White House next year.

  3. Hey you worksmiths of Rick's Blog should come up with a comparisson of Paul Wellstone, Dr. Dean as wrestlers.

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