Dean supporters attack Kerry’s blog

The Dean supporters who are making complete asses of themselves over at the Kerry campaign blog should get a clue and give it a rest.

In what lifetime do these idiots think this childish behavior would convince a Kerry supporter to come on board the Dean campaign?

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  1. Hey Rick!You're a great guy for posting this! We Kerry supporters are as firm for our man as you Dean supporters. After the primaries we will all be blogging together!

  2. Thanks Pamela,Per the flamers on the Kerry blog, I do suspect freepers, trolls and right-wing thugs. I look forward to blogging with you and everyone else come November 2004. We all belong to the political group that refuses to suffer four more years of this idiot. I do still hold out hope we can get your vote for the primary but I respectfully leave it to my candidate to convince you.Hasta Iowa

  3. from the (right-wing) boston herald article:((( “Until this stops, I am going to raise hell on the Dean boards, and I encourage all Kerry people to join me,'' ranted a blogger known as “Pocki,'' who added angrily, “(Dean) is a traitor anyway.''Another Kerry backer blasted Dean supporters for “attacking like trust fund babies.'' )))traitor? trust fund babies? this, to me, sounds more like the language of a freeper, rather than anyone from the kerry campaign… as the article points out in the last paragraph, it's impossible to verify the identity of anyone online, and i'd be willing to bet that at least in part, some of this “scandal” has been caused by freepers stirring the pot

  4. Its clear we all have too much time on our hands and this posting would be better spent on fighting the DDF battles.

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