Want to be in the paper?

I got interviewed by a reporter for the Boston Globe last week. She’s writing about the grassroots support building around the Dean campaign, and I stressed that a major contributing factor to the momentum is the growing sense of community that individuals are feeling once they get involved.

To that end, if there’s anyone who reads this site on a regular basis who would like to chat with the reporter from the Boston Globe about your experiences with the campaign, please contact me by Wednesday of this week. She’s mostly trying to get a feel for who reads blogs like this one, what they may be doing “offline” to support the campaign, and how they got involved.

I look forward to hearing from you.

One response to “Want to be in the paper?”

  1. I hope you got my message on this Boston globe article. I may not have told you enough about my self in there But I did once tell you about my being a VietNam Vet and come from a union family. I am a clerk in a very conserevitive consulting company. My supporting Dr. Dean hasbeen Giving me the respect I have sought among my peers and they are always coming up to me and patting me on the back for being early on Dr. Dean and standing up to the right wing know it alls around here.

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