The Clue Primary

Ooh! A Google whack to call my own: the “clue primary”. (For you purists, I realize that a real Google-whack has just two words and doesn’t use quotes. Whatever – you get the idea.)

Here’s the thing: by all accounts this presidential campaign is different. There are some campaigns who have a clue, and there are many that don’t. Kos does a great job today summing this up — “the top-bottom campaign structure is DEAD. Communicating via only press release is DEAD.”

Kos points to this NY Times article where several of the campaigns demonstrate their lack of a clue by marginalizing his supporters. (The Star Wars cantina quote and the “WTO protestors in turtle costumes” are my two, uh, favorites.)

Wouldn’t you love to be in on that strategy session?

*Candidate:* What’s going on with Dean?
*Consultant:* Nothing. It’s nothing to worry about.
*Candidate:* But there’s like 50,000 people who’ve signed up for him. 59,000 people donated to his campaign.
*Consultant:* Those aren’t real Democrats. They’re angry dorks. Ignore them.
*Candidate:* Ignore 59,000 potential voters?
*Consultant:* No, better yet: insult them. Maybe they’ll go away.
*Candidate:* If you say so…

So there you go: I’ll periodically post to this blog about The Clue Primary, and will provide a link on the right-hand side of the blog to posts in The Clue Primary. To rip off the Washington Post’s old tagline: If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

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  1. I completely agree. The rest of the candidates need to be aware that the 59,000 will soon be over 100,000 and on and on. Like it or not, they are DEMOCRATS and some day they may need their support.

  2. Consultant: No, better yet: insult them. Maybe they’ll go away.I shouldn't be laughing at that. It is sad to see the consultants that seem to think that way, but it captures what is going on right now so well.Well, I guess I'ld better put on my Star Wars costume and go to a Meetup.

  3. The last line was omitted:Consultant: That'll be $25,000 for the consultation. By the way, how's your fundraising going?

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