Maximizing Movable Type

Maximizing The Power of Blog Software Interesting ideas from A Whole Lotta Nothing [via Dennis Kennedy] on getting the maximum value out of Movable Type: “It’s pretty common for people new to weblogging to embrace the simplicity of publishing, and crave it in the rest of their tools. Once you start blogging and the pain of FTP and hand HTML coding is gone, many people start wishing their blogging tools could handle other pages on their site, but virtually none of them do out of the box.

Adding to this, Movable Type has the ability to link the templates referred to in this post to filenames. So – use your favorite HTML editor (DreamWeaver, FrontPage, GoLive, whatever) to create the HTML files you want. Save them to your webserver and you can use Movable Type to control the republication of those pages.

In fact, you can even insert Movable Type commands to insert variables where appropriate, so that the pages created can contain links to dynamic data coming out of your weblog.

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