Good Chinese restaurant in San Francisco?

A friend needs a good recommendation for a moderately priced Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. Should be casual and can accommodate a medium-sized crowd (20 or so).

Any suggestions?

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  1. it's a slightly old recomendation, but the Hunan Restaurant on Sansome street was really good the last time i was there. This was two years ago, but i can say that they were doing great fish dishes, and excellent vegetarian (i was traveling with a vegetarian) dishes. they looked big enough.

  2. Tell your friend to check out the Yuet Lee in Chinatown ('s casual and is open very late. They have several large tables with lazy susans. The prices are quite reasonable.My favorites are the salt and pepper roasted prawns and pan fried chow mein with vegetables. If you get the prawns, make sure they leave the heads on (messier to eat, but the end result is much tastier) and they bring you the soy sauce with hot peppers as a dipping sauce.

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