Enter the Matrix

My wife bought me Enter the Matrix for Father’s Day (yes, she really is that cool) and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit the last few weeks. I’m not a gamer (in my opinion, games went downhill after River Raid for Atari), but found the mix of action and plotlines to be kind of fun.

I’ve read several of the reviews that complain about the game (specifically, they noted that the gameplay isn’t as good as others out right now) — and I don’t think they’re wrong. But there’s just a visceral thrill when you figure out how to hack into the Matrix, change the game, and then get a message from Neo.

I mean really — for Matrix fans, that’s worth at least a few hours of entertainment, right?!

Speaking of the Matrix, comments are going strong on my post from several months ago about the philosophy behind Matrix reloaded. As of this writing, there are 61 comments. Keep ‘em coming!

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