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Well, I returned from vacation to have 1700+ e-mails waiting for me and nearly 1000 items in my aggregator. Three days later, I’m still digging out…

Aside from the information overload, I’m actually having fun this week. We got home Saturday night, and my wife was kind enough to watch the boys Sunday night so I could go to a fundraiser for Governor Howard Dean in Chicago. Despite his crazy schedule (the day started in DC on Meet the Press, then ended in Chicago with a candidate forum at Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s conference and two fundraisers for Governor Dean), he was energetic, passionate, and left everyone in the room fired up. It’s refreshing to feel optimistic.

Tonight is another fundraiser — this one for the Clinton Foundation, the non-profit behind the Presidential library being built in Little Rock. President Clinton will be in attendance — like Governor Dean, he’s in town for the Rainbow/PUSH conference. A number of prominent Illinois politicians will be there as well – Governor Blagojevich, Lieutenant Governor Quinn, Attorney General Madigan, Speaker Madigan, Mayor Daley, and a few others. At my table will be one of the candidates for US Senate in Illinois, Joyce Washington (I’ll have to talk to her about her lack of a website!).

I’ll post pictures if I get any.

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