MTTextile – another excellent plugin

I’m starting to get the hang of Movable Type so that I can go beyond the basics and push it in interesting ways. I just found Brad Choate’s excellent MTTextile plugin – and for anyone who uses MT this is just about a must have.

It greatly simplifies text entry – so that instead of adding HTML tags around everything, you can just add text shortcuts. Want to bold something? Just put asterisks around the word. Strikeout? Just put dashes around the word. Link to a URL? Just put the link text in quotes, type a colon and follow that with the URL. Drop a photo in? Follow an exclamation point with the URL of the image. Textile takes care of the rest.

Now this doesn’t exactly sound like WYSIWYG editing, and you’d be right. But it is vastly easier than typing all the HTML code that goes with managing web content – and in a lot of ways, it’s actually easier than combining keystrokes with mouse clicks.

Gee… this is starting to sound like ActiveWords again, isnt’t it?

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