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Taegan Goddard points to an AP report that sums up the whisper numbers from the campaigns:

Kerry $5m
Dean $4.5m
Edwards $4m-$5m
Lieberman $4m
Graham $2m-$3m

It’s highly likely that these numbers are lowballed – both in an attempt to goose last minute numbers and to not show cards before the final tallies are in (last quarter, the Dean campaign was telling everyone they’d be in the $1.5m range, then blew that number away with a $2.6m haul). Nevertheless, if these numbers are true, here are some interesting conclusions:

  • Kerry and Edwards will have both declined $2m+ from their Q1 takes.
  • Dean will have moved from fifth to second place in the “money primary”

  • Lieberman will have raised the same amount he raised last quarter, a number that was seen as almost embarrassingly low for him

And in related news, an e-mail I just received from my favorite name in the Dean campaign (yes, Narric, you’re a close second but Zephyr still gets the prize) Zephyr Teachout says that more than 7,000 new donors have contributed to the Dean campaign since his Declaration on Monday.

To put that in perspective, the Dean campaign had more than 12,000 donors in Q1. More than 2,000 donors have come in today alone.

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  1. I have a feeling the Dean camp is really lowballing their number. If I had to lay money on it I would imagine that they will report over $5million.

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