Dean Wins MoveOn Primary in a Landslide

It’s official – Governor Dean took nearly 44% of the vote, an almost 2-1 margin over the nearest candidate (Kucinich). While this means that Governor Dean doesn’t get MoveOn’s endorsement (the endorsement would only result in a 50%+ showing), it’s a strong statement of support from the more than 139,000 voters who expressed support in Governor Dean.

The official breakdown of the vote getters in double-digits:

Candidate % vote Enthusiastic support?
Dean 43.87% 86%
Kucinich 23.93% 68%
Kerry 15.73% 75%

The only way to read this is that Governor Dean is the favorite of the MoveOn electorate. Kerry received 33% fewer votes than Kucinich, yet is supported more broadly than Kucinich (not surprising, given the profile of the MoveOn voters); Kucinich is attractive to his loyal supporters but supporters of other candidates are less likely to support him than, say, Kerry.

Thanks to all who helped make this happen. This is an important step forward. Now contribute and show your support!

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