Roll back the tax rebate – for Dean!

So here’s a crazy idea – what about signing over the tax rebate that is on its way to the Dean campaign?

Not only would it be a windfall for the campaign if we reached critical mass, but the PR bonanza (“Bush tax cuts fund rival campaign”) would be amazing.

4 responses to “Roll back the tax rebate – for Dean!”

  1. I have to agree with Luke on the “What tax rebate” question. I don't believe I'll be getting any rebate given my current situation. Even if I did, it would be less than I've lost due to decreased consulting in a poor economy.Nonetheless, I think the idea of trying to get people to give the rebate to Dean is brilliant, if it could get pulled off.

  2. Sounds like a great idea. However, we've already agreed to roll our tax rebate back into our local public school systems – in hopes of eliminating the need to cut some teaching positions. This is why we need Dean in office!

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