Corporate Counsel profile on Mark Chandler

I’ve written about Chandler before, but I thought this was a good overview of what Cisco’s doing. – The Cisco Kid

[F]ew in-house departments are doing as much as Cisco Systems Inc. The 55 lawyers at the San Jose, Calif.-based network equipment supplier are using technology to handle discovery, track costs, create contracts — practically everything short of argue cases. …

Cisco also creates huge databases of information, in conjunction with some of its larger outside law firms. The company’s internal knowledge repository contains mostly transaction-related material, while the jointly built databases contain a lot of case law and case law interpretations. “I really think more law firms should be doing this,” says Chandler. “We’re more than willing to pay for it.”

That’s not all Chandler is willing to pay for. The department has developed online training programs for company employees as well as its own electronic discovery tool. Currently the department is developing an automated contract assembly program and installing a state-of-the-art document management system.

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