24 Season 2 Finale

Nice twist at the end. Reactions?

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  1. Obviously,the ending of season 2 was a 'happy ending' except for Palmer at the end.Do you think it'll continue next season with him in the hospital?Or were the sounds of him breathing the end of his life?At least he told off Mike,and what happened to what's her name who fell down the steps?????????

  2. Season 2 was awesome. Bauer found Kingsley, and the war was stopped. They brought back that chick that blew up the plane in season 1, that was a good shock. The ending of this season was a cliffhanger, unlike last season's. I think the story in season 3 will start off at 8:01am and we'll see if Palmer lives or dies.

  3. does anyone happen to have the season final on video, i missed it and can't find someone that has it on tape.

  4. Heck yeah I recorded the last episode of Season 2. I've watched it like 10 times and I still can't get enough of it! I heard Season 3 will take place one year from the last season going with the biological weapon theme. Personally I'd rather see next season start like a week later where Palmer is still in the hospital and Bauer has had a chance to recover his heart condition.

  5. Yeah, I taped it as well! I am curious about next season. I am still dying to know what Jack said to Nina Myers mid season. She has to play a part in season 3. Do you think it will stick with the real-time format? And I am wondering if Palmer will be dead or alive! Too many questions! Man, I hate waiting!

  6. Well im in Australia, and haven't seen the last hour yeat, we still have 5 hrs left, but i've been following it from the official site, and let me say what a shock the last episode was. I had a feeling Mandy would be back, because in season 1 Gaines asked her if she was interested in a job next summer. Nina definitly has to come back in Season 3, and the only other situation is biological. Who was Nina talking to in the end of season 1, she is a major figure in the terrorist organisations of the world. What im wonderin is if palmer dies Prescott will get into power, bring stanton back then stanton sends an assassin after jack because he knows the truth. Maybe it could go away from the CTU scene and jack is promoted to a job within NSA or pentagon, especially if palmer survives because it would be a token of appreciation. Let me know what you guys think, email me at mini_ray89@hotmail.com

  7. Rumor has it the third season takes place three years later. Denis (Palmer) signed with Fox so he is alive. Bauer will have a partner and still be working at CTU while the newest member of the operations center will be none other than Kim Bauer. Can't wait.

  8. Can someone pls. let me what happens to Nina Myers in the second season – I know she was asking Palmer for immunity and was going to shoot Jack – but by the end of the second season of 24 what happens to her? She showed up in season 3 and was wondering where her character left off in the previous season.thanks

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