Taking Back our Country

Nearly 30 people came by our house today to learn more about Governor Howard Dean. Here’s what they learned: he’s honest, he’s passionate, he’s committed, and he’s got a great sense of humor.

He understands a broad range of issues that are critical to our country at a time that we need him. He engages people, doesn’t always tell them what they want to hear. He listens. And he proves that he’s given this race, this country and this office a lot of thought.

This much I know: I want to be around more people as they see and hear Governor Dean for the first time. The reaction is palpable: at first they marvel that someone out there is speaking up for them, saying what hasn’t been said this forcefully or passionately in years. Then they smile – when they realize they’re not alone. And finally they resolve to do something – anything – to help.

This is what grass roots is all about. And this just might change our country.

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