FTP your photos to NASA

This strikes me as an absolutely ideal use of the Internet:

For anyone who has recorded video or taken photos that they believe may be of aid in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, NASA has established a special location on the Web where Internet users may upload their media files to be reviewed by NASA.

Using the FTP method of your choice, log on to the server as “anonymous,” using your e-mail address as your password.

User ID: anonymous
Password: john_doe@hotmail.com

Along with any image or video file that you wish to upload, please include a text file containing your name and a detailed description of the time and location at which the image or video was taken.

I, John Doe, recorded this video in my front yard at 1111 My Street in Nacogdoches, Texas, at 7:55 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 1, 2003.

Please be sure that your media file and your text file conform to the following naming convention: your first and last name, an underscore, the date the files are being uploaded, another underscore and the time the files are being uploaded. Other than the file extension (.jpg, .txt, .rm), the names of the two files you upload should be the same.

Image file: johndoe_020203_0415pm.jpg
Video file: johndoe_020203_0415pm.rm
Text file: johndoe_020203_0415pm.txt

Then, upload your media and text files. [full information here]

If you need help with FTP, jump over to WS_FTP’s tutorial on the subject. (And download their application for free – it’s a great product.)

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