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  • How not to draft your first OKRs

    How not to draft your first OKRs

    I’ve helped countless teams implement OKRs for the first time; one meeting from nearly a decade ago stands out as a textbook example of What Not To Do.

  • OKRs as institutional memory

    OKRs as institutional memory

    OKRs ensure that once your team learns a lesson, everyone – including future team members – will remember.

  • Squirrels can kill the vibe

    Squirrels can kill the vibe

    Distractions are a given, it’s how we respond to them – how we ignore them – that will determine our ability to succeed.

  • What’s past is prologue

    What’s past is prologue

    “[W]hat’s past is prologue, what to come In yours and my discharge.” William Shakespeare, The Tempest. Act 2, Scene 1. My favorite movie President of all time is Jeff Bridges in Rod Lurie’s The Contender. (I’m in good company: a far-more-qualified authority than me feels the same way: Barack Obama. Fortunately, I was on record…

  • Leaders: stop making decisions

    I adore this observation over the weekend from my friend Punit Soni: A practical way to become a better leader is to review at regular intervals all the decisions that need to come to you. And cut them by 50% through either delegation or automation. I’ve never heard this notion captured in this way (though…

  • Throw away the rabbits

    Throw away the rabbits

    OKRs are all about creating a shared framework, a language, for understanding what the organization prioritizes, how it prioritizes, and why it prioritizes some things above others.