• FBI May Use Keystroke-Recording Device

    FBI May Use Keystroke-Recording Device Without Wiretap Order ::: Turns out that Pretty Good Privacy ain’t so good if the FBI has you in their sights. Nicodemo Scarfo Jr. is an allged crime boss who was indicted in June, 2000 for loan-sharking and gambling charges. What makes the case interesting is that the government obtained […]

  • I Can’t Stop Thinking! #5

    I Can’t Stop Thinking! #5 ::: OK, this should be my last post on micropayments. But this comic strip by Scott McCloud is a great explanation of how micropayments might work, why they’re good for content providers, and how consumers would benefit. (Found a link to this from James Gleick’s home page, who has his […]

  • Micropayments won’t work ::: Josh

    Micropayments won’t work ::: Josh Marshall, the man behind Talking Points Memo, responded to my post on micropayments by saying that he doesn’t see them addressing the needs of web content providers. But as we’ll see, it’s exactly those other content providers who need micropayments to work – because the advertising model is not supporting […]

  • TiVo’s year-end sales appear strong

    TiVo’s year-end sales appear strong ::: To have a TiVo box is to be a TiVo evangelist. This is a piece of technology the whole family can get behind (as evidenced by the variety of “season passes” in our house: Sesame Street, Rolie Polie Olie, Sopranos, Sex and the City, West Wing, The Larry Sanders […]

  • Altman Weil’s 2001 report to

    Altman Weil’s 2001 report to legal management ::: While this article is tailored to law firm management types, it is applicable across the professional services field. Altman Weil urges firms to address undercapitalization, (a focus of Hildebrandt’s 2001 <a href=”http://www.hildebrandt.com/international/publications?&tpl1=titlelink_pub&id1=702&cat_id_31=300”>Client Advisory as well), invest in technology (it “must be viewed as a long-term investment”), and […]

  • CEOs damage their corporate brands

    CEOs damage their corporate brands ::: The headline at News.com for this article was certainly catchy: Fiorina mars HP’s image. The article goes on to summarize a report which is available here. The report claims to correlate CEO performance with company brand. (Note: this links to a zip file, which contains a 1.3MB PDF file.) […]

  • Jakob Nielsen on Micropayments :::

    Jakob Nielsen on Micropayments ::: Jakob Nielsen, publisher of Alertbox, predicted last year that “free” web sites would vanish. The ad-supported web site would become a thing of the past, he said. He was right. The problem is that content providers still haven’t figured out how to get it right (am I the only one […]

  • The Google Zeitgeist ::: Wondering

    The Google Zeitgeist ::: Wondering what was hot, was not, and everything in between in 2001? Google has put together the “gaining” queries (the ones becoming the most popular), the “ declining” queries (falling out of favor), and just about everything else. The 2001 Timeline is neat, too – giving a great overview of the […]

  • Survival Is Not Enough :::

    Survival Is Not Enough ::: Great article about the importance of change in uncertain times. Seth Godin points out that the state of the economy dictates the type of organization that is required: in a stable economy, the corporation is a machine. Companies are “finely tuned and easy to copy, scale, and own.” The goal […]

  • Gartner Hype Cycle ::: Gartner’s

    Gartner Hype Cycle ::: Gartner’s take on the bell curve of acceptance of technology. An interesting attempt at explaining the seeming see-saw of expectations when it comes to new technology. It’s represented here:Is CRM past its “trough”, heading for a “slope of enlightenment”? I think so. Gone are the predictions of wild results, but I […]