• Web services end users in

    Web services end users in short supply ::: Here I am at this conference, sitting at a computer with a direct Internet connection. In the past ten minutes, I’ve checked e-mail (home e-mail through Hotmail, work e-mail through Outlook Web Access), read the news, I’m posting an update to my web site (through blogger.com), and […]

  • Checking in from the Marketing

    Checking in from the Marketing Partner Forum ::: I’m in Naples again (one of life’s cruel ironies – it’s at the same not-ready-for-prime -time Ritz Carlton Golf Resort I was at two weeks ago), this time for the Marketing Partner Forum. Keynote speaker is David Maister – who was hawking his new book (First Among […]

  • AOL in Negotiations to Acquire

    AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat ( washingtonpost.com) ::: This story ran over the weekend, and I’m still not sure I have figured out what the advantage is to AOL (or Red Hat, for that matter). AOL is primarily a consumer company, with more than 30 million subscribers. Red Hat is a distributor of […]

  • A few law firms on

    A few law firms on the verge of global domination ::: In this month’s American Lawyer, Peter Zeughauser writes about what it’ll take for a handful of firms to emerge from the pack and be true global powerhouses. Zeughauser (who is the founder and prinicipal at The Zeughauser Group) predicts that to be truly global, […]

  • Gates memo: “We can and

    Gates memo: “We can and must do better” ::: The first major strategy shift for Microsoft since Gates’ .Net letter from two years ago. Many Microsoft execs are doing their version of a mea culpa – for example, Microsoft’s Group V.P. for Operating Systems Jim Allchin was quoted as saying “enough is enough” in today’s […]

  • CPA Firms Adopting the Corporate

    CPA Firms Adopting the Corporate Approach ::: At the recent Winning is Everything conference, I picked up a copy of Practical Accountant magazine. The cover story is about “Going Corporate” – a trend among growing accounting firms. What accounting firms are realizing, according to those interviewed, is that traditional services-based businesses often have thinner profit […]

  • Handspring warns of Treo holdup

    Handspring warns of Treo holdup – Tech News – CNET.com ::: Turns out that the Treo won’t show up on the web until next month and on retail shelves until March. But give credit to Dubinsky and crowd for making a “bet the company” wager on the Treo… they indicated in yesterday afternoon’s conference call […]

  • Cancer and DNA (requires Real

    Cancer and DNA (requires Real Audio player) ::: Driving home last night, I caught this report on NPR about a couple of researchers who are trying to identify genetic causes for various forms cancer and other diseases. According to Michael Myerson, the researcher interviewed for the story, “the human gene sequence database contained a lot […]

  • No More Popup Ads :::

    No More Popup Ads ::: This is heaven… a clearing house for opting out of those damned pop-up ads showing up on your desktop. Buh-bye, X-10!

  • Lindows.com – you can trust

    Lindows.com – you can trust Microsoft… really! ::: Here’s a snippet of a letter from Lindows.com CEO to Lindows.com “friends”: [W]e feel obligated to disclose to you that we were compelled to disclose your email address to Microsoft during the discovery process as well as the content of many of your messages sent to us. […]