• Last Saturday, I wrote about

    Last Saturday, I wrote about (and linked to) a Slate article about the Dvorak keyboard and its apparent superiority to the standard “QWERTY” keyboard. Many thanks to tins reader T.A. for a pointer to this Reason magazine article from June of 1996 debunking the Dvorak myth. The article is a lengthy and entirely worthwhile read […]

  • The future of money? Who

    The future of money? Who knew I was this interested in payment technology? I’ll stop obsessing about PayPal, but this week’s article in The Economist certainly makes PayPal look outdated. It describes currency that is wired, can be programmed, supports authentication and unique identification, and is purportedly counterfeit-proof. The technology discussed in the article is […]

  • Note: See the update posted

    Note: See the update posted on February 12 that addresses the Dvorak keyboard “hoax”. Make Mine Dvorak – One writer’s love affair with the other keyboard layout. Twenty years ago my parents bought an Apple ][+ (in an odd way, typing those matched brackets still looks cool to me), and my infatuation with computers began. […]

  • Just upgraded to Blogger Pro.

    Just upgraded to Blogger Pro. (Side note: paid my $35 via PayPal!) So far, so good…

  • More on the PayPal IPO

    More on the PayPal IPO delay ::: From yesterday’s TheStreet.com, an article about PayPal’s delayed IPO. Here’s a priceless quote from the CEO of IPO.com, who probably figured that a little bit of ice would most likely not harm the Titanic: “The timing of the suit seems kind of interesting,” says [IPO.com CEO Mark] Baum. […]

  • Mercury News | 02/07/2002 |

    Mercury News | 02/07/2002 | Lawsuit delays eagerly awaited PayPal IPO ::: Recall my observations about micrpayments and PayPal in late December and early January? One of my comments then: “Here’s hoping PayPal’s IPO is strong. They represent the best opportunity we’ll have in 2002 to see a solid, viable infrastructure play for enabling micropayments […]

  • Radio silence. ::: A 2+

    Radio silence. ::: A 2+ week trip follwed up by a bout with the flu. Should be back to normal in the next couple days…

  • Cryptographic Abundance ::: Anybody remember

    Cryptographic Abundance ::: Anybody remember Pretty Good Privacy back in ’94 and ’95? I was a volunteer law clerk for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (aka EFF) at the time, working on the Bernstein case. I was amazed that (a) crypto was available for free that was allegedly “crack-proof”, and (b) more people weren’t using it. […]

  • mLife ::: What is mLife?

    mLife ::: What is mLife? Anybody else seen these ads? I was in DC Monday and Tuesday of this week, and they were literally glued to every street corner. Airport kiosks, TV ads, full page spreads in USA Today and other newspapers.What is it? According to the web site, we’ll find out February 3. Personally, […]

  • Rest in Peace, MDP :::

    Rest in Peace, MDP ::: An article by New York State Bar Association president (and Proskauer Rose partner) Steven Krane explores the lessons that the legal profession can learn from the Enron debacle.Krane’s logic goes this way: Enron had Andersen as an auditor, and Enron had Andersen as a consultant. Andersen’s consulting business necessarily influenced […]