• Free screening of The Response – tomorrow in Chicago

    A few days after I gave my commencement address, I got an e-mail from Ari Lapidus, one of the subscribers to my blog. His cousin, Sig Libowitz (a lawyer at Venable) had recently completed a film called The Response that he thought I’d like. We’ve since corresponded, and I’m hoping to bring a screening of the […]

  • Blogger custom search gadget

    Earlier today we announced a new gadget that Blogger users can install on their blog: with one click, they get a search gadget that will search not only their blog, but other sites they’ve linked to, their blogroll, and the web. (Here’s TechCrunch’s post about it.) To call it “new” is actually a bit of […]

  • Hiring? Let me know

    No, I’m not leaving Google. (Far from it… working on Blogger is a blast.) Several months ago I set up a Google Group for people to join if they’re looking for a job; as recruiters and friends share job openings with me, I forward them to the list. There are 50+ members of the list, […]

  • Chrome on the Mac (kind of)

    Catching up on some TV last night, I saw a reference to the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Visting the Microsft site, I saw that the download was an .ISO package – basically a pre-burned disk image intended to be a bootable DVD to facilitate the installation of Windows 7. And then it clicked: VMWare can […]

  • Text of Commencement Speech

    Below is the text of the speech I’m giving to law students graduating from the University of Richmond School of Law this afternoon. The school is recording the speech; once I have the video I’ll put it up in my YouTube account. ===== Thank you, Rob, for that wonderful introduction. President Ayers, Dean Douglass, members […]

  • Commencement speech in 3 days!

    Image via Wikipedia I leave for Richmond tomorrow afternoon, where I’ll be giving the commencement address to this year’s graduating class at the University of Richmond School of Law. It’s been almost four months since I received the call from Dean Douglas, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the last several months refining […]

  • Blogger FTP vs. Custom Domains

    Over the weekend on Twitter, I asked for bloggers to share reasons why they used FTP instead of Custom Domains. Most people, once I’d explained the advantages of Custom Domains, tended to agree that was the better path… and the time seemed ripe for diving in, as we’d had a number of FTP-related issues over […]

  • TiVo turns ten years old

    Image via Wikipedia Dave Zatz has a thought-provoking piece up asking whether TiVo has lost its way. The impetus for his post is a recent NY Times article about recent TiVo developments extending advertising throughout its UI, and the recognition that the core of TiVo’s innovation hasn’t changed much since it first launched in 1999. […]

  • Google Latitude badge

    This is really cool: go to the Google Latitude badge maker and create a badge that you can add to your blog. If you use Latitude, you can show off where you’re located. The end result: (Used a screenshot so those of you looking in a feed reader will see it.) Works on all blog […]

  • The Stand, playing out on Twitter

    I’m a big fan of Stephen King’s The Stand – part sci-fi, part horror, mostly a wonderfully engaging view of what happens to a few survivors of a man-made apocalypse. I’ve read the book at least four or five times – never for the story itself, but to be immersed in a world of characters […]