• Ev at Blogger’s 10th

    Fun event. Details to follow. 🙂 — Posted from my iPhone

  • Latitude for iPhone – now what?

    In case you missed the news, Google Latitude is now available on the iPhone. Just visit google.com/latitude in your browser and you’ll be able to share your location information with your friends, see where they’re at on the map, and email/call/SMS them if they’re sharing that detail with you. There’s an Android version, a Blackberry […]

  • Blogger and adult content

    Last week, a Blogger user posted about her impending departure from Blogger. A Blogger “interstitial” began appearing before users could visit her site, warning of potentially objectionable content. Becky believed the interstitial to be politically motivated, and many of the commenters tended to agree with her. I tried to clarify in the comments (search on […]

  • Comparing legal blogging platforms

    I originally got into blogging because I was past deadline for my nothing.but.net magazine column for the American Bar Association. Three searches in three days resulted in #1 results for John Robb’s blog – and, being me, I called John to ask him why he kept showing up at the top of my Google queries. […]

  • Blogging from my iPhone

    Those who know me know how amazing my switch to a mac last year was. A 10 year thinkpad devotee, I reluctantly gave up on windows when I faced a 10 minute reboot. I haven’t looked back since – and despite a few minor quibbles, I’ve been very happy with the switch. Now it’s time […]

  • Collaborative podcasting

    Several years back, I had what seemed to me a good idea for a fun hack: fill my iPod. Here’s how it works: you find an MP3 file, you tag it at del.icio.us with the tag “ricksipod”. I used the feed from del.icio.us for that tag as the source feed for a new feed in […]

  • My commencement speech

    Last month I was the commencement speaker at the University of Richmond School of Law’s commencement ceremony. I graduated in the class of ’96, and was honored to be invited back to address this year’s graduating class. The transcript of the speech is here, and the video of the speech is now available on YouTube: […]

  • Social media presentation at SMPS event

    Just finished presenting at the Society for Marketing Professional Services San Francisco event, where I shared the stage with Maura Ginty from Autodesk and Heather Durham of The Durham Group. We were there to talk about social media, and we covered a number of interesting avenues. The audience was marketers for architecture and engineering firms, […]

  • Who and where are you?

    Here’s a cool hack: earlier today I created a two column Google Spreadsheet, and built a form front-end. One column is for location, the other column is the caption for that location. Using the Google Maps gadget for Google Spreadsheets, I was able to create a real-time map of the data in the spreadsheet. The […]

  • Blogger templates – favorite sources?

    A while back on Twitter, I invited @Blogger followers to share their favorite third party template designers, and promised a summary post on Blogger Buzz with pointers for our users. Responses were great – but unfortunately, they’re lost (for the time being, at least) while Twitter works on repairing its archival search. So I’m going […]