• Free books on your iPhone

    In last week’s post about the books I’ve been reading on my iPhone, I neglected to point out that there are a ton of free books you can “buy” from Amazon. The Kindle app is a free app in the App Store, so go ahead and put it on your phone if you haven’t already. […]

  • Presenting to the WPO at Google

    I’m presenting at Google to a group of execs from the World Presidents Organization. Say hi! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

  • Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Fox

    Robin surprised me with tickets to see Rodrigo y Gabriela last night. They were playing at the Fox in Oakland, which is a stunningly beautiful venue. I found RyG based on a recommendation on Marc Andreessen’s blog a couple years ago. (Marc – what’s up with the lack of archives? Where’d all the good stuff […]

  • First post on SideWiki

    Just installed Sidewiki in Google Toolbar on my Mac. A feature I had missed when this was available internally (ironically) was the ability to copy your annotation to your blog; beneath the edit window for your Sidewiki comment, there’s a “My blogs on Blogger” element; pick your blog, and then your Sidewiki comment is auto-posted […]

  • BlogPress Lite is live!

    Use an iPhone and have a blog on Blogger? Head on over to the app store and get InfoThinker’s free “blogpress lite“, built by them to celebrate Blogger’s 10th birthday. Thanks, guys! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

  • Really enjoying Socialvibe

    A couple weeks back, we announced a partnership with Socialvibe. As the blog owner, you get to pick which charity you support in the gadget configuration – then your blog’s visitors are invited to do something (for example: rate a video, watch an ad, sign a petition). Each time they do that something, the advertiser […]

  • We’re hiring

    You may have seen the news that we’re getting more active about hiring at Google. We didn’t really stop – but as you can see from the jobs listings (US, international) there are lots of opportunities to join and make a difference. The hiring process remains rigorous, and if you’re not confident you’re among the […]

  • Latest books on the Kindle: On my iPhone

    It was a running gag between Don Loeb and me last year when I bought my Kindle: it’s great, he’d say. But I want to read the books on my iPhone. I laughed at him. What sane person would want to do that? It paralleled my mocking of Don’s praise for his Mac… except then […]

  • iPhone and home automation

    When I buckled this summer and picked up an iPhone, I was pretty sure I was doing it mostly for the camera (image and video) and the seamless integration with a number of Google services. I haven’t been disappointed on those fronts – but it’s been the home automation on the iPhone that’s most impressed […]

  • Blogger turns 10

    So… been a tad busy. Still not enough time to catch up, but here’s a glimpse into the last month or so: Blogger was targeted as part of the DDoS attack last month, and I wrote a post on Google’s Public Policy blog about our response and what’s needed moving forward. We announced the 10th […]