• Matt Stafford wired

    If you’ve got 6 minutes, watch this video. NFL films routinely wires up players for audio – typically to include snippets of hits or sideline banter in end-of-season highlight reels. But what happened during the Lions/Browns game two weekends ago was remarkable – and listening to the audio from rookie QB Matt Stafford as he […]

  • Defending bloggers’ free speech

    Yesterday, CNN.com published an opinion piece I wrote. It’s a topic that’s not new to my readers – I’ve been writing about the striking similarities between pamphlets and social media for years (2003, 2009) and more recently read up on George Orwell’s focus on pamphlets as a necessary component of communication for individuals to have […]

  • Parental controls on multiple computers

    Didn’t see this one coming: earlier today, Robby (my 7 year-old son) mentioned in passing: “Ricky [my 9 year-old son] knows the password on the computer upstairs.” I didn’t immediately grasp what he meant – after all, I’d set each boy up with their own account with a password and customized their desktop so they […]

  • U.S. Caselaw in Google Scholar

    Last night, an important new feature launched on Google Scholar: more than 80 years of US federal caselaw (including tax and bankruptcy courts) and over 50 years of state caselaw is now fully searchable online, for free at Google Scholar. This project is the culmination of much work, led by a remarkable engineer at Google […]

  • Daemon Sequel Freedom(tm) available for pre-order

    Could not be more excited about this news: Freedom(tm), Daniel Suarez’s sequel to Daemon is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Let the count-down begin: the book is available in just over 8 weeks! In case anyone doesn’t remember me raving about Daemon, here’s my original review, and January’s follow-up post discussing the soon-to-be re-released […]

  • University of Richmond Law School

    Image via Wikipedia Though I don’t practice law, I’m a proud graduate of the University of Richmond Law School – it was an extraordinary three years of my life. It was there that I really learned how to think critically, learned how to argue (much to my wife’s chagrin), and learned how to be an […]

  • Twitter list word cloud

    I’ve been enjoying Twitter Lists in the last week… for those that don’t know, Lists gives others the ability to “curate” Twitter IDs into groups. You can see which lists I’ve been added to by clicking here. It struck me that this is the first time I’ve had such a view into how others categorize […]

  • What Would Augsburg Do?

    A couple weeks ago I attended the fall board meeting for Augsburg Fortress. Augsburg is a publisher affiliated with the ELCA, which is the largest Lutheran denomination in the United States. My connection to Augsburg is a result of a speech I gave to a group of leaders in the ELCA several years ago, and […]

  • BlogWorld Expo recap

    I was in Las Vegas last week to attend BlogWorld Expo, and had a terrific time. Events like these are as much about the conversations in the hallways (and, if you’re a speaker, the speaker ready room), and this year’s BWE was no exception. My presentation on Friday was about where blogs fit in at […]

  • My favorite Google Apps

    Inspired by Louis Gray’s post about his favorite Google apps (who was inspired by none other than Google CEO Eric Schmidt), I thought I’d capture some of my favorite Google apps – especially those which are lesser-known. (To the many friends who I’ll no doubt annoy by not including their products: note that I said […]