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(I haven’t posted here in ages; now I can share why. Expect to see more regular posts here in the months ahead. -Rick)

Earlier this year, I co-founded a startup with Julia Yrani to help save the planet. We recently took the wraps off what we’ve been up to:

We first met when I was at Google Ventures and Julia was at portfolio company Synack; we re-connected last fall, and within days, I knew I’d found a partner I wanted to build a company with.

As California’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, I saw first-hand how technology, innovation, and collaboration between public and private sectors could create a better, safer world for all. With Onsemble, Julia and I are taking on an even more important challenge: the climate crisis.

20% of US greenhouse gas emissions come from homes. That’s more than passenger vehicles! Most of that is from appliances burning fossil fuels to create heat: water heaters and furnaces. Fortunately, there’s a simple answer to decarbonizing homes: upgrading to heat pumps.

But the upgrade process today is anything but simple. Onsemble is an easy button for the hard parts of decarbonizing your home: an app that helps you seamlessly navigate the incentive and contractor landscape, and replaces your gas burning appliances with the efficient alternative. Be sure to join the waitlist and be notified when we launch in your area.

Julia and I are thrilled to partner with our investors Union Labs, Third Sphere, K9 Ventures, Cleo Capital, and Incite, along with angel investors Lindsay Aranoff, Summer Bundy, Matt Cutts, Joe Greenstein, Bradley Horowitz, Darlene Jacobs, Ken Norton, Mekka Okereke, Andy Palmer, Rachel Sheinbein, Dan Shapiro, and Jeff Ullrich. Together, they’ve given us the opportunity to build a world-class team from day one.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be sharing more about our solution to this problem, our team, and how you can join us on the journey to decarbonize homes in America.

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