Searching Google Profiles

A handful of people have pointed out a glaring omission on the Google Profiles page. Here’s what the homepage for Google Profiles looks like today:

That’s right, it’s missing one of these:


I happened upon an extremely helpful post in Buzz today from Tom Sullivan. If you use Google Chrome, you can configure your own search engines triggered by keywords in the address bar. Click the wrench to the right of the address bar, then click “basics”. Next to search engines, click “manage”, and then “add”. You should see this:

Next, you’ll want to use the following entries:
Name: Google Profiles
Keyword: profile

Now when you type “profile Tom Sullivan” in the Chrome address bar, you’ll immediately jump to the Profiles search results page for “Tom Sullivan”:

(Yes, adding a search box to the Profiles page is going to happen Real Soon Now.)

PS: Can you find the other thing wrong with the Profiles homepage? Hint: It’s the kind of thing that drives Brad Feld crazy.