Year: 2010

  • Jacob Eby clock at the de Young museum

    Earlier this year, I started researching my family’s history. I knew very little about my ancestors, other than that I was the fifth Richard Klau in the family, and that the first Richard Klau came to the United States from Germany in the 1850s. After pursuing a number of branches of the family tree on […]

  • The annual Christmas letter

    For the last six years, Robin and I have taken a different approach to sending out the annual Christmas card. In the past, we would write out a letter, fold it up and insert it into the card, then mail the combination out to our list. Starting in 2005, we omitted the printed letter, and […]

  • Always be Cobbling

    Thanks to Jake, I watched this Alec Baldwin sketch from SNL this morning: So much to love about this Glengarry Glen Ross-meets-Santa’s Elves sketch: Baldwin confusing his line (yelling “Always be closing!” – the actual line from Glengarry Glen Ross), the many inside references (“I rode here on a talking moose!”, “Second place is a […]

  • Christmas gift idea – Livescribe Echo Pen

    I’ve written about Livescribe before (Livescribe Pulse Pen – Pure Awesome) and if you’re looking for a great gift for the geek in your life, or for a high school or college student, I don’t think you could do much better than the Livescribe Echo, the updated version of the pen I use. What makes […]

  • Christmas gift idea – Kodak Pulse picture frame

    For my birthday, Robin and the kids got me a Kodak Pulse digital picture frame. I adore it. Years ago, we bought my grandmother a Ceiva frame. One of the advantages to the Ceiva is that it doesn’t require Internet access – you just plug the frame into a phone line, and it updates nightly. […]

  • Google TV – couch surfing

    I was fortunate to get an early prototype of GoogleTV over the summer (the Sony stand-alone box). I was particularly happy to see it worked with my existing setup – I have a TiVo HD running through an Onxkyo receiver which is connected to my Samsung TV. I routed the TiVo HDMI connection through the […]

  • Marketing in the digital age

    We took a brief vacation to Disneyland last week since the kids were off from school on Thursday and Friday. Upon arriving at the park, I checked into Disneyland on Foursquare, and since the Android app prompted me to alert Twitter and Facebook, I opted to route the checkin to those services as well. Photo […]

  • Do More Faster

    A couple years ago, Brad Feld reached out to me and asked me to be a mentor to TechStars. In 2008, I joined Dick Costolo, my old boss at FeedBurner who’s now the CEO at Twitter, for a two hour session in Boulder that basically told a room full of young start-up founders the story […]

  • Add your blog to your Gmail signature

    Here’s an oldie but goodie, made possible through a relatively recent Gmail enhancement: add your blog to your outgoing messages in Gmail. Wait, what? Back in the FeedBurner days, we were big fans of a feature called Headline Animator. This takes your feed and converts the last 5 posts into a rotating, animated GIF. Lots […]

  • Google Reader in Flipboard

    Image via CrunchBase As a new owner of an iPad, I was eager to dive in and get to know the device. A number of co-workers had raved about Flipboard, the “personalized, social magazine” app designed for the iPad. Sure enough, it’s a really fantastic re-imagining of how we can consume content. Briefly, here’s what […]