Who and where are you?

Here’s a cool hack: earlier today I created a two column Google Spreadsheet, and built a form front-end. One column is for location, the other column is the caption for that location. Using the Google Maps gadget for Google Spreadsheets, I was able to create a real-time map of the data in the spreadsheet. The gadget contains a “publish gadget” option, which provides the javascript to display the embedded map. Finally, I grabbed the HTML from the embedded form and added it to an HTML/Javascript gadget on Blogger right below the map itself. The result is a real-time, updated map showing the locations of visitors to my blog:

Go ahead! Add your location and be like all the cool kids:

Your location:
(City, State/Country)
[Zip only doesn’t work]

I’m going to work on tweaking the Maps gadget so that URLs in the caption balloons are clickable… but I’m interested to see where this heads. Thoughts?