Collaborative podcasting

Several years back, I had what seemed to me a good idea for a fun hack: fill my iPod. Here’s how it works: you find an MP3 file, you tag it at with the tag “ricksipod”. I used the feed from for that tag as the source feed for a new feed in FeedBurner, and applied FeedBurner’s “SmartCast” service to turn that feed into a podcast feed (by linking to the mp3 files as enclosures).

Since I just bought an iPhone, I’m using iTunes more often now (my iPod sat, unused, in my briefcase for quite some time). Subscribe to the resulting feed in iTunes, and voila! Now any MP3 file you guys tag gets routed to my iPhone.

I’ll report back with any particularly good finds you guys steer my way.

Update: In the comments, Eric points out that I’m standing on the shoulders of a few giants (namely, Eric, Fred and David Hornik) by re-purposing this. I’d completely forgotten the origin of this idea – and enjoyed re-reading the original post that planted the seed for me. I also like the more modern implementation – Sam’s idea to redo this as a Twitter-powered podcast. Neat!