Blogger templates – favorite sources?

A while back on Twitter, I invited @Blogger followers to share their favorite third party template designers, and promised a summary post on Blogger Buzz with pointers for our users. Responses were great – but unfortunately, they’re lost (for the time being, at least) while Twitter works on repairing its archival search.

So I’m going to try again: and this time, I promise a more timely response. If you have a favorite source of Blogger templates, please share it in the comments. I’ll summarize by tomorrow on Blogger Buzz (if I get enough comments), Wednesday at the latest.

Looking forward to seeing what you share!

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40 responses to “Blogger templates – favorite sources?”

  1. I have ended up just hacking up the default ones (with very little css/html know how) to meet my needs. I just Google what I want to do and usually find a quick result to making it happen.

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  3. That's truth: Alvaris Falcon ( and converts great templates from WordPress to Blogger. But the best source for Blogger templates is still (haha!).Other great don't like to do self-promotion (I'm honest), but I also make templates for Blogger at (under label “Blogger Templates”).

  4. Haha Claudia, you got a point! :DYou are honest? Then I help you to promote! ChicaBlogger also converts free high quality Worpdress themes into free high quality Blogger templates, you can find many clean, beautiful and elegant Blogger templates inside!Also, ChicaBlogger and Ipietoon produce many Blogger templates suitable for female. :)btw, is a nice starting blog which has awesome and professional Blogger templates inside. The key for professional Blogger template is we need to host JavaScripts to activate those professional features, when would we have free JavaScript hosting space(shameless request)? 😉

  5. Hi Rick,There are many blogger templates around, you know this, just to search “blogger templates” in google, but I should say that are a huge difference between them, some are really cool and some other not, some are hard to install some other are not. I think what blogger users want are only some simple fast loading, good looking blogger templates easy to install and to customize without javascript codes and etc.Users love because is easy to start, just 3 steps… so they want the same for templates.@Claudia@Ralph Buttigieg Thank you for mentioned my blog here 🙂 really appreciated.Number one is of course.

  6. I've listed down some of the best blogger templates around you can have a look at it.. hope it impresses you :) day.. sorry for the shameless self promotion 😀

  7. I will be very straight to the point. Here is my – If you are looking for well designed, bug-safe and trustable templates, with unique designs and converted from wordpress, I know Klodian very well and I can say that he thinks a lot about his – Huge amount of templates, Submited from people all around the world though, I don't know If this is a good or a bad thing, You may know who you should trust or not. Claudia does a great job organizing – My own website (this is not self promotion) It's pretty new, But i already got my own little list of templates with unique designs (all by myself) and I watch for every little detail, what makes my templates easy to install and pretty safe to use. I also support my users a lot, so I am getting lots of comments and e-mails from my readers every day, and I never left any user without help.There are many other template sources, but these are the ones that I really trust. They always think about the users, and don't do the thing thinking that it's all about money.

  8. I thought I posted but I guess not.Very simply, I looked around for a months but I never found a suitable template for MY STADY so I roll my own. The biggest hurdle hasn't been learning the template system, it's been trying to work within it's many limitations.Like, I don't understand why podcast enclosures can't be posted to the blog entry. The podcast enclosures are only posted to the RSS feed. I could go on but you've heard me say it all before.Are there plans to update the template system at any point in the near future?Why can't you update the template system on a regular basis like Google does with it's other products?

  9. Thanks everyone for your feedback! The Blogger Buzz post is here.@Alain-Christian: The enclosure element is an RSS element, not an HTML component. Do you mean that you want an embedded MP3 player to stream the file in the body of the post, or something else?

  10. Whoa, quick response! Well, MP3s are an example. Like say I link to an MP3 in the enclosure, I can't see or access that MP3 from the template. If I could, then yes, I could embed an MP3 player—of my own choosing, we use JW Player on our site—below the entry.But I don't only post MP3s, I may populate the field with pictures or software and even text files. If the template could see those files and MIME types, I could really customize how each blog entry is displayed.Another example with the pictures is using that for as splash image like you see on sites like gizmodo. The first PNG would always be the splash image.BTW, I just read the buzz post, “Many of you weren't aware of a wealth of third party sites offering quality Blogger templates” is probably the nicest way to say “Google Search” I've seen so far! Also, I am VERY relieved you're not spending valuable R&D time on templates when there are already thousands out there waiting to be sampled.Also, Summer is to far away! Say more about templates now! Please!

  11. The 3rd party sites are fine & dandy but I want some new official templates from the blogger team. I want to see some 3 column and/or magazine style templates. I've found a few 3rd party templates that would look good for my blog but the fact that I don't know html stops me from using them. They're not “dummy proof” like the blogger products are.

  12. @a-one I know why you think so, because are some templates around that are really hard to install and customize, need to have good HTML / CSS knowledge.I design / convert templates in blogger, and when I do this job first I think for users, to be easy to install and to customize.So I call all blogger templates designers to make easy customization templates, not templates that need host JavaScript or to design PSD or to replace images etc etc..Deluxe Templateshttp://www.deluxetemplates.netps. thx Rick for this post, when we can express our thoughts about blogger templates.

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  14. @Rick KlauThanks for featuring FalconHive and BloggerStyles on the Blogger Buzz, I appreciate this very much, and probably believed that there are still many great and precious Blogger template sources to be discovered (which I would touch in coming post).Klodian got a very great point, most third party Blogger templates (especially mine, okay, I admit that I'm too aggressive about development :D) need HTML/ CSS skill to install and customize it, which is an inconvenience for most bloggers who are not familiar with those skills.I must say this is a wonderful journey that from the earliest third party Blogger template to latest piece, template makers have achieved many features that are not officially existed on Blogger official layouts. We also work our best to optimize variable definition, widgetize custom features, optimize SEO and support user as good as we can. However, on the opposite side, with more and more professional features made possible by third party template makers, more issues arose that we finally need a better solution (something cool that makes the feature installed and configured in few clicks), a new feature, or a new official Blogger template that shows professional features suggested in Product Ideas for Blogger.I keep an very close eye on Product Ideas for Blogger, and I believed that most ideas and suggestions are came from WordPress. Actually several ideas like 'Read More' feature has been achieved by third party template makers, but Blogger users want it to be easier to install and configure (like changing the 'Read More' text, or add and remove 'Read More' feature in the 'Page Elements' mode with few clicks).Product Ideas for Blogger is a great step for Blogger to know about what users really want, and I always believe Google's strength and possibility to achieve these features. I'm positive about Blogger's future, please keep up the great work to make the Blogger the best blogging platform! Thanks for publish this post to let us share favorite template sources and yeah, thoughts about Blogger template!

  15. @a-oneI really really really hate the idea of the blogger devs wasting their time to code templates. Templates are just an aesthetic thing and would add nothing to the actual functionality. I mean, a template doesn't bring much to the table, it's not something you can sink your teeth into.If the template system was far along enough and Blogger's features matched the competition then I would mind so much. But right now Blogger needs to play catch up. One that happens then maybe I personally wouldn't be bothered so much by the idea.Also the types of templates you're asking for are already out there. Perhaps we should stop calling them “Third-party”?It's not like the built-in Blogger templates are anything to write home about. In fact they're terrible! The SEO alone is a nightmare.@alvarisSame thing.Also, my problem with not having an official “read more” is that most methods to implement it on our own is just to hide the text. That means the characters are still downloaded and the page takes longer to load. A REAL read more would load only the small sample of text. Thus the page loads faster.@RickJust an idea but maybe you should open that buzz entry for comments or keep updating it with link submissions?Also, I KNOW that if you acted on some of the feedback posted a while back Blogger would easily beat out all other free blog providers for the #1 spot. Right now Blogger is in an odd place because of it's missing features but I'm telling you, add those features and it wouldn't even be questioned.

  16. Hello Rick!This is Ashley from The Cutest Blog on the Block, I just wanted to thank you for adding our site to the list of blogger recommended backgrounds and layouts. We feel honored!Regards,Ashley

  17. Hi every one!I'm not sure whether the admin will approve my comment or not, but I'm still trying to forward my concern. I visited some of the above sites for my blog template. But unfortunately these template are not free (you have to show their links). Moreover most of the template don't have navigation bar. Is it OK to remove navigation bar from blogger?

  18. @ Alain-ChristianI totally agree with you regarding “Read More” hacks, yes they are of no use because they only hide the content but it definitely loads every time. So, no need to apply this hack, give your visitors easiest access to the content.@ Cebong IpietHehe, I also missed, better luck next time…, I'm enjoying my smash hits “CraftWork” & “Infinity”.

  19. Here's a newer one: I am one of the founders of this site. Our directory of Blogger templates is growing daily. We have a variety of themes for our templates, including sports, crafts, politics, and others. Many of these are in the works, so users can check regularly and subscribe to our feed to get updates on new Blogger templates.

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