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No, I’m not leaving Google. (Far from it… working on Blogger is a blast.) Several months ago I set up a Google Group for people to join if they’re looking for a job; as recruiters and friends share job openings with me, I forward them to the list. There are 50+ members of the list, and I’d love it if this helped connect anyone with the job they were looking for.

So… if you’re looking for work, join the group. If you’re hiring, let me know and I’ll pass it along.

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  1. Hello. I know that this is not the best place to contact someone and I know that you really have no reason to help me, but I sure hope that you can. I found your name in blogger news and since I am at the last resort, practically a crazy-lady phase of life right about now I am begging for your help. You see on Monday I posted to my longstanding blog successfully. On Monday night I logged on to check my commments to find that my blog is GONE!! 3 years of our lives documented and then POOF! GONE! I felt a little better when I went to the Help Forum (for the first time ever) and found that others had the same thing happen to them. Not happy that their blogs were gone but that since I wasn't the only one maybe something would get done. WE have all been posting in the help Forum all week with NO answers being given. Is there anyway to even recover a blog? At this point I am SOOOO upset that no one has even posted that they are working on the problem. No glimmers of hope at all. Should I just get over it? Please let me know if you can help or at least point me in the direction of someone who can. I have done NOTHING wrong so I can't imagine why my blog is just gone. THANK YOU SO MUCH! link: wwwmel-o-drama.blogspot.com (note-there is no dot after www) Thanks again.

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