My first job: washing dishes at Chez Claude

My first job was as a dish-washer at Chez Claude restaurant in Acton, Massachusetts. It was a family-owned French restaurant, and I wasn’t yet old enough to drive, so my parents had to drop me off at 4pm every Saturday and pick me up after we closed (usually around 11).

I eventually graduated from washing dishes to food prep (salads and desserts), then bused tables and also did some stints as the host. I think I made $6/hour, and when I bused tables the waitresses would share some of the tips with me.

I loved the restaurant, and proposed to my wife there in 1996. The restaurant is closed now.

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  1. Experience at an early age really pays dividends later in life. Self guidance, responsibility, team work and self reliance play a big part in forming what a person will eventually grow into. You probably learned a lot about the human condition and your relationship to the world through this gig.Hats off for sharing!sOne Love

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