Bowen is 2 for 2: Mike Quigley replaces Rahm Emanuel

Forgive me a brief indulgence in some Illinois politics: there was a special election today in Rahm Emanuel’s old district. Twelve Democrats were running. Special elections are almost always hard to predict, and turnout will be low.

Tonight, Cook County Board Member Mike Quigley won, and as Lynn Sweet notes, his campaign manager was Tom Bowen. I’ve written about Tom before; now he can add a nice line to his already impressive resume: two for two in Illinois special elections. (The last was Bill Foster’s win in the race to replace former Speaker Dennis Hastert; Bowen was the campaign manager there as well.)

It’s starting to be a while since I was last a participant in Illinois politics, but I had several friends who were active in this primary. So while I feel for those whose candidates came up short tonight, I’m pretty thrilled for Tom. He knows his stuff, and it’s a lucky candidate indeed who can count him on their team. (Technically, tonight was a primary, and Quigley must now face off against the Republican winner. But that’s likely just a formality.)

Congrats, Tom!

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