When I started using the Internet

I have two early Internet memories: first, reading James Berardinelli's movie reviews on rec.arts.movie-reviews. (Amazingly, James is still going strong on his own website, at http://www.reelviews.net/.) The other memory is writing a column for the school paper on the first gulf war ('91), and interviewing students in Tel Aviv and Riyadh by e-mail. It took me weeks to convince my parents that this wouldn't somehow show up on a tuition bill: e-mailing half a world away sounded way more expensive than a phone call to those places (which would have cost hundreds of dollars back then).

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  1. Ah the days of USENET. sI remember fighting with admins to get certain groups added to our local server.sThen of course the one URL that always sticks in my mind: sakebono.standford.edu

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