Get Motivated!

For $19, you can take your entire office to this seminar:

  • Rudy Giuliani (America’s Mayor!)
  • Colin Powell (Legendary soldier/statesman!)
  • Zig Ziglar (America’s #1 Motivator!)
  • Steve Forbes (President/CEO of Forbes)
  • Dr. Earl Mindell (author of the Vitamin Bible)
  • Tamara Lowe (author of Get Motivated!, pictured w/fellow motivator and husband, Peter Lowe)

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a new addition to the speaking roster:

  • Michael Phelps (!)

What with Michael in the news lately, I have to imagine this would be a very interesting seminar indeed.

3 responses to “Get Motivated!”

  1. Yikes, this was mostly a long Infomercial. The people putting it on are smart – they no longer publish a schedule; all of the major names were at the end. There were a lot of un-advertised speakers during the morning session. As a result, we had to sit through some major sales pitches to get to the good stuff. I was shocked by the number of people literally running with their credit cards to sign up for get-rich-schemes pushed by people that had found God. I guess if a product is endorsed by a man of God, it has to be solid. Either I am really cynical, or people are really gullible. Please don't waste your money on this event. On a side note, Colin Powell was almost worth the price of admission. I don't mean the actual dollar amount, since they are pretty much giving seats away, but the cost of missing a day of work…

  2. I guess I should have been clearer in my sarcasm (re-reading my post, I could have been *a lot* clearer). To put it simply: I'm not surprised in the slightest that this was an infomercial. The only thing surprising is that someone like Colin Powell would associate himself with an event like this.

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