Blogger and the DMCA

Lots of posts this week about claims that Blogger is removing blog posts without giving users any notice. From LA Weekly:

Google, the bloggers believe, has quietly changed the methods by which it enforces its user agreement. Whereas in the past, a blog owner would receive a warning before a post’s removal, Google is now simply hitting the delete button.

This article got fairly wide pick-up in the ensuing days, and has resulted in a fair number of concerned e-mails to me and others on the Blogger team. I left a comment a few minutes ago on the LA Weekly site, but don’t see it yet and am not sure what their moderation process is… so to be safe, I’m posting here to help get the word out.

First things first: we have not changed our DMCA policy. It’s documented here, and it remains the process by which we deal with DMCA complaints by copyright-holders: upon receipt of a valid request, we are legally obligated to take down the content in question. We notify the blogger by e-mail, send the DMCA request to Chilling Effects, and invite the blogger to challenge the DMCA notice by filing a counter-notice. The original complainant has 14 days to file suit, or we reinstate the content in question.

A point worth making here: if you’re a Blogger user, it’s a very good idea to ensure that the e-mail address you have associated with your blog is one you continue to check on a regular basis.

Questions? Suggestions? Best to direct them to our Help group, where we monitor all feedback and address specific issues.

(Disclaimer: in general I do not pre-clear blog posts with our legal department. But in this case, because it involves specific questions related to our policy of dealing with legal complaints, I double-checked with our legal department.)